HELLO. (Dailies Below)

I'm a graphic designer and photographer with production skills that include videography, video editing, and photo retouching. I've worked in the field for over eight years and I've loved every second of it. I began my studies at the Savannah School of Art and Design and later transferred to the Art Institute of Dallas with a degree in Filmmaking. I'm passionate about what I do and love to make work unique for clients. Feel free to contact me.

Freelance work? Feel free to contact me for anything:

Specialties In Short:
- Advance knowledge of video editing, compressing codecs for better looking video for web and exporting.
- Excellent in Photoshop including photo retouching and manipulation.
- Great with DSLR and knowledge of cinematography, lenses, apertures and technicals for making photography look at its best.

Equipment Knowledge:
Canon 7d, 5d, t2i, JVC-PRO 100-500, GL2, 16MM Film (Loading, Shooting, Splicing)

Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, DVD Studio Pro, Compressor, Premiere, Pro Tools, and Microsoft Office.

Own Gear:
Canon DSLR, Various Lenses, Basic Lights, RODE Microphone, and over 7 years of talent.

some images take a bit just because their awesome. relax. enjoy.